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In Collabration with Keystack Technologies we launched US-IT PATH drive to all our existing clients & techies in USA. This drive is to explore opporunites and sharpen your IT skills

Registration: after successful registration, membership code and Evaluation report will be given to client. All registered members will get access to US IT jobs.

US-IT PATH Report: This report will be prepared based on your Visa Type, Location, Work Experience, Technology Stream, Skill set, Domain Knowledge and Education back ground. It includes Tech profile evaluation, Skill set gaps, Training & Certification recommendations, and Current US-IT market trends, List of high paid Technologies and frame works, finding permanent job strategy. This evaluation surely helps to improve your career graph and idetify the better opportunities.


  1. E-Learning
  2. Permanent Job Assistance
  3. Interview Support
  4. Document Support


  1. Training & Certification in any technology
  2. One to One Consulting with technical expert
  3. IT Support Documents
  4. Resume Building and Marketing
  5. Interview Schedulings

Great way to become perfect IT Professional